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Heirloom Seed Project & Farm Program

Landis Valley Museum is home to the Heirloom Seed Project. Established in the mid 1980s, the Heirloom Seed Project's focus is on seed preservation, seeds from heirloom varieties of vegetable herbs and ornamentals that have historical significance for Pennsylvania Germans from 1750 to 1940.

Heirloom or open pollinated fruit brings our history into the present with flavors and beauty from the past.

Unlike hybrid plants, gardeners can save seeds from heirloom varieties with the assurance that the fruit from each new generation of plants will bear fruit that is similar to the fruit from the past seasons.

For a list of heirloom varieties for 2014 and an order blank CLICK HERE. For descriptions of our heirloom varieties please CLICK HERE. You may order by phone (717-569-0401) ext. 204, fax (717-560-2147) or Email. We accept Visa and Mastercard. *Note: We no longer have Flax Seeds this season.

The Heirloom Seed Project also sells heirloom varieties of plants during Herb and Garden Faire, mid-May. For information about the Herb and Garden Faire CLICK HERE.

Farm Program

Landis Valley Museum is the perfect place to see how the Pennsylvania Germans farmed. Not only can you see farm equipment from the 1700's and the 1800's, you can also see how the horse-drawn equipment was used in the field. When our horses are not working or pulling wagons you can visit them in our pastures. You can also see many other farm animals such as sheep, cattle, geese, pigs and chickens. For pictures of our farms and to see our animals at work and play please CLICK HERE.

Visit our farm on youtube!

For more information, please call 717-569-0401.

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