Tales, Legends & Lore

August 8

Through tales of famous and infamous people throughout history, storytellers will open up this small crossroads village to the wider world through Irish and Appalachian stories. They will also entertain, with stories designed to make people from all walks of life escape their own skin for a while as they laugh with each other at themselves. 

Headlining the event are:

Robert Mouland - an Irish "Seanchai" (shanna-key) storyteller who livens his tales with music played on traditional instruments.  He weaves the spoken word between melodies and tunes performed on his clairseach na h'Eireann (wirestrung Irish harp), fiddle, whistle and uilleann pipes (ILLun).  He learned his music in the old way, by ear, from those steeped in the tradition and honors those he learned from by keeping a small bit of this culture alive.

Charles Kiernan - a storyteller who, among many other honors, is the Pennsylvania State Liaison for the National Storytelling Network.  He performs Americana stories, collectively labeled the "Lost Dollar" stories. This is a collection of Appalachian tales whose wisdom and humor is woven into the life of a little village stuck way back in the hills.  The village is named "Lost Dollar," after the original settler's mishap that caused him to stay there.  The main industries seem to be the growing of apples and the catching of cat fish.  Just ask about Uncle Willard's Catfish!

Children will enjoy hands-on activities related to Pennsylvania German life, and horse-drawn wagons will take visitors around the village and farms. 

Also come for our popular temporary exhibit in the Country Store of items designed to spark family stories, perhaps some long forgotten.

Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Admission: $12/Adults
  $8/Ages 6-11
  Free for ages 5 & under