Landis Valley's mission is threefold:  to collect, preserve, and interpret Pennsylvania German material culture from 1740 through 1940.  We accomplish this through our Collections and Education Departments, our Farm Program, and the Heirloom Seed Project.

As a visitor to a working museum, you will watch our mission be carried out every day.  You will see the artistry and craftsmanship in Pennsylvania German artifacts housed in our Bitzer Barn and Collections Gallery and showcased in the Visitor Center.  Then, you will learn how they were used every day from interpreters and craftspeople in select buildings in the village area.  And, thanks to the Heirloom Seed Project, you can enjoy the grounds landscaped with seeds planted from varieties handed down through generations of Amish and other Pennsylvania German families.  You'll take all of it in on a leisurely stroll around our forty acres while interacting with animals in our Farm Program.

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